Customer testimonials

No matter how helpful we say we are, it’s the thoughts of our customers that carry far more weight than our words ever could. We have helped people across the United Kingdom secure a bad credit mobile phone contract for themselves. Let’s hear on of their stories.

Bob Mackintosh (Glasgow, Scotland)

As an entrepreneur, I am very reliant on my mobile phone. In fact, I simply could not do my job on a daily basis without it. So imagine my horror when I went to renew my mobile phone contract with one of the leading phone suppliers in the United Kingdom and I heard the word “rejected”.

Rejected? I could not believe it. Even though I had religiously paid off my bills pretty much every month, that one missed payment (that I paid the next month mind you) came back to bite me. I really didn’t mean to miss it, it is just that financially, times are tough – we all know that. But plead as I might, my cries for help just fell on deaf ears. “I’m very sorry Mr Mackintosh, there is simply nothing we can do to help you!”

What would I do? I needed my phone for work purposes. Sitting in the pub that night, I explained my situation to a friend. “Don’t worry Bob,” he said. “I am on a bad credit mobile phone contract from Advance Phones. They will see you right!”

He gave me all the necessary contact details and the very next morning I was at their offices bright and early. A nice young lad called Michael helped me. Over a cup of tea, he explained to me how a bad credit mobile phone contract worked and what exactly I would need to apply for one. I quickly rushed home and secured all the relevant documents. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult, they just need the standard stuff you know.

I was back at Michael’s desk in about half-an-hour. In that time, he had made sure he had all the necessary paperwork for me to fill in. While I did that, he made copies of my documents. And then he ran my application. Within 10 minutes, Michael had shown me 10 handsets that I was eligible for as well as the contracts associated with them. Now I am no mobile phone expert but I do recognise some of the names among the phones on offer and they are some excellent phones.

I finally decided on a budget smartphone (my first smartphone in fact) as well as a payment plan that would not put any financial strain on me at all. Michael then told me he would finalise my contract as soon as possible and I left to get back to work. Around two hours later, Michael phoned me to tell me everything had been sorted out and that I could come and pick up my handset.

Needless to say, I shot over to his office in the blink of an eye. After signing the final contract, Michael even went as far as to help me setup my phone, copy my contacts from my old phone and secure an email address for me.

I just want to thank Advance Phones and Michael for their incredible service. That’s the way you treat customers!