Caring properly for your smartphone battery

A smartphone is simply one of the last decade’s greatest pieces of technology. Without one, many people simply are lost. From social networks, instant messenger applications, to the way we just get our news, smartphones have changed our daily lives – and for the better.

That said, we are pretty much making use of them all our waking hours and for that reason, smartphone battery life is very important. Most however, do not even last the day with constant use. Now there are ways around this. A power bank or portable battery charger, for example, is a great way to give your phone's battery life the boost it needs.

However, caring for your smartphone battery is just as important. If not, over time, its performance can become even poorer. But how do you care for your smartphones battery effectively? At Advance Phones, we get this question all the time so we drew up a little guide.

Portable battery chargers

Now our first tip is not so much to do with caring for your battery. We mentioned power banks or portable battery chargers above. These are the perfect way to make sure your smartphone battery can be charged, especially if you are nowhere near a plug point. Although they can be a little expensive, buying one of these makes perfect sense, especially if you are a heavy user of your smartphone.

How do they work? Well, there are a number of different models available but in general, they are either available as a case that fits snugly around your smartphone, or as something you would plug your phone into to receive a charge. Of course, you need to make sure your portable charger is charged as well or if you live in a really sunny area, you could consider one that keeps its charge through an array of small solar panels. Technology is simply amazing, isn’t it?

Totally reboot your phone at least once a week

Our smartphones are running many applications that we are not even aware of. Sometimes the operating system can get a little unstable which causes these applications to drain your battery faster than they should. It is therefore a good idea to make sure you totally reboot your phone once every week just to restart these applications and to ensure an extended life for your battery.

A word of advice, make sure you reboot the phone properly. This does not mean that you just switch it on and off. You should switch it off, remove the battery, wait 30 seconds and then reinsert the battery before switching your phone on again.

It’s good to let your battery die every once in a while

At least once a month, make sure your battery runs out completely. This can really extend the life of the unit as it ensures that all the cells are used more regularly. If you do not do this, certain of the battery cells become redundant. By discharging the battery, you not only use them but when they are charged again, they are sure to be at a 100% their potential. A word of advice however, make sure that after running your phone battery down totally, you charge it back to 100% before unplugging the charger, otherwise the battery cells can be damaged and not charge to their full potential in future.

Try to keep your battery cool

Now one of the biggest ways for batteries to lose their ability to hold a charge is if they get hot too quickly. This is a two-edged sword. Unfortunately, certain apps are not very well coded and put your battery into overdrive. This causes it to become hot and to drain faster. Now we all know you like playing games on your phone but if you feel your battery getting too hot, rather take a break and let it cool.

The same can be said for the heat from the sun and objects. For instance, never put your phone battery side down on a hot surface. So if you are outside sitting a table enjoying a drink, rather keep your phone in your pocket than putting it down on the table, which no doubt has been baking in the sun. Also, check your battery when it is charging. It should get slightly hotter, but if you are using the wrong charger, it might get too hot. Always use the charger recommended by the mobile phone manufacturer.