Bad credit mobile phone frequently asked questions

Those new to the concept of bad credit mobile phones normally have a load of questions about the handsets and contracts we offer as well as how everything works. To help, we have compiled this list of frequently asked questions which covers pretty much everything you may need to know about bad credit mobile phones.

How does a bad credit mobile phone contract work?

These contracts are typically offered to people who suffer from a bad credit rating but the general public or those trying to build up a positive credit history are more than welcome to apply. We have secured a range of contract options and handsets to go with them that are tailor-made to suit your needs. The best part is that no matter how bad your credit history, we simply do not use this as one of the factors we look at when approving you for a contract. We are simply interested in if you can make the monthly payments or not and that it won’t put you in a further financial predicament.

So you don’t run credit checks?

We are obliged by law to run a credit check, it is just that this will have no bearing on whether you are approved or not.

If my credit rating doesn’t make a difference, do I then need a guarantor?

Absolutely not! To secure one of our bad credit mobile phone contracts, a guarantor is not necessary. We will need to know how much you earn as well as your expenses so we can secure the right contract at the right price for you.

Will you give a contract to anyone?

Well, around 95% of the people that have applied for a contract with us have been approved. We cannot help you if you are under the age of 18 years or not a citizen of the United Kingdom. Some potential clients have also not accepted contracts we have offered as they want a flagship smartphone as part of their contract, but we won’t offer them as such because it will put their finances under too much pressure.

And if I struggle to make repayments?

Well, if we are honest, you shouldn’t really struggle to make the repayments as we make sure the contracts we offer you will not overextend you. That said, we do understand times are tough and that financial problems, emergencies and the like can occur at any point, so if you are going to struggle to make a payment on a certain month, be sure to contact us. Don’t miss a payment without informing us. If you do, your credit score will move even lower, and you will incur penalty payments on your current contract.

What happens if the handset is faulty?

We do have an exchange policy in place should you need to exchange the handset we have given you. However, you need to contact us within ten days of signing the contract. Bring the phone to us and we will send it away for repairs to the manufacturer, giving you exactly the same phone to use while your phone is repaired. Note, any water damage or obvious misuse on your part means your phone will not be exchanged. Remember, should you lose your phone, we cannot be held liable in any way for a replacement. Smartphones are expensive, so we recommend that yours is insured in case you lose it or break it in any way.

I want the latest Apple iPhone please. Can I get one on a bad credit mobile phone contract?

We do have them available but only on rare occasions do we approve people for contracts with these phones as the prescribed handsets as the monthly costs are pretty high. Should you be able to afford it (at our discretion), then by all means.