About us

We live and breathe bad credit mobile phones and the contracts associated with them.

At Advance Phones, we really believe that everyone in the United Kingdom should be able to enter the incredible world of the mobile phone and for this reason, we focus especially on sections of the public that generally struggle to secure a mobile phone contract – those with a poor credit history, those who have ccj’s against their name and even those who have been blacklisted!

Not only do we go out of our way to help but we pretty much guarantee that we can secure a bad credit mobile phone contract for them. We are linked with a number of service providers that offer competitive mobile phone contract prices, as well as some incredible handsets that we can offer to the public.

We go out of our way to guide you through every step of the application process to finally ensure you not only have a handset that you will love but a monthly contract that will not put you under even more financial pressure than you are already facing.

We understand how difficult times have become financially but we believe that this should not hold anyone back from the ability to own a mobile phone, something that has become an incredible necessity in our daily lives.

That said, should you need any other advice about mobile phones, feel free to contact us. From setting up your new phones to advice on the best apps to install, we are only happy to help you in any way we can. We offer other important mobile phone services as well, from backing up your phone to a cloud, upgrading memory cards as well as setting up your phone in a proper manner.

Contact us should you have any queries about a bad credit mobile phone contract or need advice about mobile phones in general. We cannot wait to assist you.