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Welcome to Advance Phones

Are you desperately wanting a new mobile phone?

Can’t afford to buy one, but keep getting rejected for a mobile phone contract?

Your history of bad credit is holding you back, but don’t worry, we can help!

Bad credit is a terrible thing, and it holds you back from securing many forms of credit products, including a mobile phone contract – but no longer!

Advance Phones is a leading provider of bad credit mobile phones in the United Kingdom. We have a range of mobile phones, including top of the range smartphone models which we provide to the public, especially those who have a history of bad credit or even those who have already been blacklisted.

So how is that we help you? Well no matter how bad your credit history, we do not make this a priority when we find the best contract to suit your needs. By law, we need to check your credit history but this never influences our decision to award a contract or not. In fact, over 95% of the people that apply for a bad credit mobile phone contract with us are approved, and in double quick time as well!

So how do we do it?

Well, our main motivator for providing you with a contract is that you can easily repay it each month. So that’s what we do – we find a contract that suits your current financial profile and most definitely won’t place too much of a burden on you each month. In other words, you will receive a handset and contract that is easy to pay off!

A mobile phone is a necessity in today’s modern world, for students, housewives, businessmen and entrepreneurs. Not only do we need them for communication but the latest smartphones can help us in so many other ways. Take GPS for example, it allows us to find our way around with ease, while the ability for your phone to receive emails means you effectively have a mobile office away from the office. These are just some of the many of examples where a smartphone can help you.

Applying for one of our bad credit mobile phone contracts is extremely simple as well, but there are two important pre-requirements. Firstly, you must be 18 years of age or older, and secondly, you must be a citizen of the United Kingdom.

Other than these two pre-requirements, we will need a range of documents from you as well. These are crucial so make sure you bring them along to help speed up the application process. These documents include your identity card, passport or driver’s licence (for proof of identification), either wage slips for the last quarter or a letter from your employer to confirm employment and your monthly salary, bank statements for the past three months (to determine your income and expenditure) and finally, either a letter from your bank or landlord to prove where you stay.

How do we find a bad credit mobile phone contract that is right for you?

After you have provided us with all the necessary information as requested above, we start looking for the right contract that we know will suit your needs. We, together with our suppliers, have identified not only a range of mobile phones but contracts as well that we know work for those people suffering from bad credit. We look at each customer as a unique case and in isolation and our well-trained and experienced staff know exactly how to match you up with a range of handsets linked to affordable contracts.

So can you expect to get a new Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S7? Well, in certain cases we might allow you to take top of the range handsets but generally, if you want a flagship phone such as this, it will be an older model, for example, a Galaxy S5. We also have numerous budget smartphones which have become available on the market. These can pretty much do all the things the flagship phones can but at a fraction of the cost.

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